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OK, one: you need a Windows system. That might be an issue for some. Vorteile: This is the Recommended software that I often use to monitor or improve the Information Technology infrastructure. Very easy to install, user friendly and supports mobile devices. It can detect our problems quickly. We can check all critical Service Application components on the bus :. Nachteile: This software does not yet have a weekly custom report for audit needs, so we do a manual retrieval :.

Kommentare: The application has helped us monitor all types of equipment and proactively resolve issues early.

Vorteile: This monitoring application has helped us stay on track of what is happening at every corner and for every device on our network, from Storage to network, security and usage statistics and notifications for each, this application has saved us many times in restoring and fixing problems before they get noticed by end users. From our desk and our our phones using the app, we can monitor and get visibility into many device types, including Cisco, Linux, storage systems, Microsoft operating systems just to name a few, with thousands of sensors to choose from.

Very powerful and constantly improving. Nachteile: While just a few sensors were not performing well, like the Ping 30 for Cisco routers, PRTG has constantly released new updates that once applied, these issues are rectified. Kommentare: We are monitoring our complete infrastructure, from network switches and routers, over servers to virtualized infrastructure and storage's.

Vorteile: Helped us many time with alert so our infrastructure did not go down. Nachteile: I would like more vendor specific alerts to be included like Fortinet,. Kommentare: We monitor customer routers that we service and their ISP gateways. We can find out rather quickly when a customer goes down, or when a customer is having an issue with just the router, and we do not have to be actively doing it ourselves.

Windows 10 : Apps mit hohem Netzwerk-Traffic unter Windows 10 identifizieren

We are just notified when there's an issue and jump in and start resolving right it away. Vorteile: It tells me when there is a problem without much overhead on my part, and it puts me ahead of the game before end users start notifying me there is a problem. Its a pretty great feeling being able to call the end user up and tell them that you have already detected a problem and that you were actively working on before they have gotten around to notify you there was even an issue.

Nachteile: It takes some time to set up and configure the software. Its not as intuitive as I'd like it to be, but its entirely manageable. You just need to invest the time to learn it get it working the way you want and then from that point on its a breeze. Wir verwenden Cookies, um bestimmte Funktionen zu ermöglichen und das Angebot zu verbessern.


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Windows Smartphone mit Windows koppeln. Windows 10 Enterprise unter Virtualbox installieren. Eingabeaufforderung als Admin vom Kontextmenü starten.

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